In the case of health care reform, the “Slaughter solution” would employ a “deem and pass” or “self-executing” procedure whereby the House would craft a rule deeming the Senate bill enacted, without a direct vote, for which members could pay a steep political price.

This quote was taken from today’s edition of Politico.  I realize Pelosi and her allies are desperate, while I too want to see health care pass, although not in its present form, I am not so hell bent on doing it in such a manner as to tear up the Constitution and invite Supreme Court oversight.

Let us not kid ourselves, there is a faction of the American people, e.g. the Tea Party, which this action would mobilize and result in many good Democrats and I should add Republicans being defeated this coming November.  Unfortunately it would not be Pelosi or Slaughter as they both represent very safe districts.  While they may be looking to give members cover, their actions would actually result in more anger being hurled against Congress.

Barack Obama’s Presidency is not a failure if health care does not pass, but if it passes in this manner, he will be a one term President.  What is increasingly clear to me that both Political Parties are increasingly orientated to satisfying not the interest of the American people, but their base, be it conservative or liberal, and that the electorate is ripe for a third party which represents the interest of most Americans who are somewhere in the middle, or as former Senator Chuck Robb once said, “terminally moderate.”

PS:  After writing my original post, I found this quote from Kathleen Parker writing in today’s Washington Post, who said,

Given the procedural complications, the clear lack of House support, and a raft of dubious dealmaking, slowing down wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to health-care reform. There’s no dishonor in admitting that one was in too big a hurry. But rushing to do the wrong thing is, in a word, idiotic.

Not sure how many of you read Kathleen Parker, while more conservative than I, she represents a common sense approach.  Well worth adding to your list of must read opinion writers.

2 thoughts on “This Would Be Stupid

  1. Actually, according to Thomas Mann at the Brookings Institution, Republicans and Democrats have used these maneuvers dozens of times in the last two Congresses. This is nothing new. The sad fact is that 184 Republican amendments are contained in the House and Senate bills, but the Republicans have decided that stopping the will of the majority of the people is more important than standing up for their own principles–and ideas. The Republicans will run on stopping this ifnthey are successful, and they will refuse to join in any further health care effort if they increase seats in the mid-terms. It’s either this bill or nothing, absolutely nothing. Parker is wrong (I hate ot say that about her, because I like her and her writing).

    • Mike, whether “deem and pass” has been used in the past is interesting, but the larger point is it is wrong. That is not how legislation is suppose to be passed in Congress. I want this saga to end, one way or the other, I am weary of health care.
      As for Parker, I am with you, she is a well reasoned and a good writer.

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