Kathleen Parker writing in today’s Washington-Post argues that despite the hyper partisanship of the internet, the screeching of Rush Limbaugh, and the shouting of MSNBC and Fox the majority of Americans politically are moderates.  As I consider myself a moderate I find her column confirmation of one of my great theories of American politics; that the two parties are controlled by by the most extremes (e.g. most conservative or most progressive) who decide the nominee and platforms leaving the great majority of American deciding between the lesser of two evils.  In her piece, Parker, mentioned one of my political heroes, the late Senator Margaret Chase Smith of Maine (questions I can’t answer why is it Maine consistently elects great Senator?) who Parker quotes,

“It is time that the great center of our people, those who reject the violence and unreasonableness of both the extreme right and the extreme left . . . shed their intimidated silence and declared their consciences.”

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