From Slate, if true wrong in 2010 this is beyond the pale; my thoughts go back to your cave,

Angry activists who had gathered outside the Capitol to protest health care reform Saturday yelled “nigger” at a few members of the Congressional Black Caucus, including civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis from Georgia. Protesters also spat on at least one black lawmaker, and the most high-profile openly gay lawmaker, Rep. Barney Frank, was apparently called a “faggot.” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said he was spat upon while walking toward the Capitol. Police arrested the assailant, but Cleaver decided not to press charges. “This is not the first time the Congressman has been called the ‘n’ word and certainly not the worst assault he has endured in his years fighting for equal rights for all Americans,” a statement issued by his office said. Democratic leaders expressed shock at the behavior and said it was time for Republicans to publicly condemn the behavior and distance themselves from the protesters. “I heard people saying things today I’ve not heard since March 15th, 1960, when I was marching to try and get off the back of the bus,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn said. After following the “tea party” movement since its inception, Salon’s Joan Walsh writes that she’s “having a hard time tonight trying to believe almost uniformly white tea partiers are anything other than a racist, right-wing reaction to the election of an African American president who brings with him feminists and gays.”

From the Washington Post about the Tea Baggers.

At least some Republicans are embarrassed, according to the Washington-Post:

Although at least one commentator blamed it on Acorn:

I would bet that the racial slurs were plants from ACORN, or some like liberal organization. The Tea Party protestors aren’t doing this because of race, contrary to what the LSM is trying to put out. The people against Obamacare are the same ones, plus some, who were against Clintoncare. The only difference between the coverage the LSM gave Clintoncare and Obamacare is, this time, they want to paint everyone that’s against it as a racist.

Everyone knows that, once the Hitler signs come out, you’ve lost your credibility. Once you start with the racial slurs, you’ve lost the argument. The Tea Party people are not out to lose their credibility so the only option is that plants are there.

I believe that, were this the other way around, the Washington Post would figure out who those people were and question them. Of course they won’t so, perhaps it’s time for Breitbart to do the media’s job for them again.

Go figure, I am surprised the wing nuts read the Washington-Post.

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