From today’s Washington-Post, a story about the Supreme Court moving the public entrance.  While understandable, this decision, I am afraid is the clearest sign yet that the terrorists have won.  As noted in the story, there was a metaphors about justice be accessible by the public’s ability to climb the steps and enter through those magnificent doors.  While the moving of the public entrance may indicate the terrorist have won, hopefully it does not symbolize the closing of justice to all Americans.Who should President Obama nominate to the Supreme Court.  I believe he should appoint Sidney Thomas.  Why, because he is not a graduate of one of the elite law schools in the United States.  That is right boys girls he went to the University of Montana and not Harvard or Yale.  If you look at the current composition of the Supreme Court, all the Justices save the retiring John Paul Stevens are graduates of either Harvard or Yale.  I will be brutally honest here who gave Harvard and Yale a monopoly on producing smart lawyers and capable justices.  No where does the Constitution say one must be a graduate of either Harvard or Yale.  In fact some of the best Justices on the Supreme Court were not graduates of Harvard or Yale.  Chief Justice Marshall read the law; Justice John Marshall Harlan attended Transylvania; Justice Hugo Black the University of Alabama, Justice John Marshall Harlan (the younger) Oxford and New York University School of Law; Justice Lewis Powell, Washington and Lee.  Mr. President do us a favor, put real diversity on the court, that is someone other than a Harvard or Yale Law graduate.

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