As it is Mother Day, I thought I would share a letter I received from my Grandmother in February 1974.  I found this the other day going through some old books.  I think it says a great deal about her generation.  When she was born (I believe in 1888) in St. Joseph Missouri it was a Western frontier town.  In her lifetime she went from traveling by Horse and Buggy to traveling by Plane.  In her lifetime she saw several major depressions and booms, free silver, gold standard, and the Federal Reserve.  In her lifetime she saw men leave the confines of earth and step on the moon.  It can easily be said she lived in a time of great change. February 1974

Grandmother Foresman circa 1953 with Henry Joyce Foresman, Jr.

Dear Henry,

As I look back over eighty-five years of my life and balance all of the good things and times that I have had in my life, and the more unpleasant and worrisome things, I feel that I have definitely come out on the good side.

Due to my dear Uncle Henry and my Mother, I had a very happy girlhood.  Then, your Father [Grandfather] came into my life, and I still was happy.  Then, along came Inez Mary which was the answer to my dream–a brown-eyed, curly headed little girl.  Then, along came, Robert, Henry, George, and Helen June.  They each, in their turn, added to my happiness.  Along the way there were worries, expenses and inconveniences, but they were only temporary, and as long as everything turned out alright, they were soon forgotten.  The children all grew up to be fine men and women, but then the war came along and we had to see the boys go into the Service.  Of course, that was a great worry, but the dear Lord brought them all home to us, and of course, that made us very very happy.

Then, along came the time that they each made homes for themselves, and each of them selected a mate who came into the family, and all are very dear to me.  Then, all the grandchildren. . .and, in time, the great grandchildren.  They have been wonderful to me.

When your Father [Grandfather] passed away, you were all just wonderful and a great help in helping me change and adjust to a new way of life.  We were very fortunate to have lives together for nearly sixty years without a break until your Father [Grandfather] passed away.

Then, to finish out the eight-five years, the lovely birthday party and a ticket for a trip to Florida to see Helen June and Alexander who could not come for the party.

The party was beautiful, and I want you all to know how very very much I appreciate your part.  Especially, Inez who put in so much thought and work to make it an outstandingly beautiful party.  It was wonderful to have so many with me on that day.

Life has been very very good to me, and I certainly have not one complaint to offer.

I love you all very very much, and I know that you all love me.

Love as always,


One thought on “Helen Joyce Foresman

  1. A great woman and a person of integrity. Many, many fond memories of our numerous talks and her wisdom from having lived a useful and good life. Not too many like her. I miss her after all these years, as I do my own Mother.
    Virginia Weatherman

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