I have been following the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico since the beginning. I can no longer watch the images of the ecological destruction of a unique ecosystem, nor can I stand the pontification on both sides of the issue.

This is a tragedy it is not an opportunity to score political points.

We are not going to end off shore drilling unless we are prepared to end our dependence on oil based products and to fundamentally alter our economic system and reduce our standard of living. Unlikely.

Neither are we prepared to give the oil companies carte blanche.

We need to stop the finger pointing and blame game. We have only ourselves to blame for it was the American public who voted out Jimmy Carter and brought in Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Carter the one American President who told us the truth and who we turned out because we did not like his message.

We need to look no further than in the mirror to find one to blame. We need to quit the blame game and solve the problem. We will all suffer as will the Gulf of Mexico because of our avarice.

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