Well the gray lady of journalism, The New York Times,  once again showed that she states the obvious.  The lead article today is the Supreme Court is the most Conservative in decades.  This is no surprise to anyone who has followed the court for any period of time.  I think the whole discussion of liberal and conservative is stupid.  It is stupid because many of the decisions of the Court cannot be judged to be either conservative or liberal.  They are decisions that are judging the facts and determining whether the lower courts reached the right decision.  The Supreme Court, throughout its history has moved back and forth across the ideological divide.  I would be more impressed if The New York Times had done a true historical analysis of whether the court was liberal or conservative since it held its first term.  Have there been decisions rendered by the Roberts Court that I think are wrong, absolutely such as the campaign finance decision which overturned a century of restrictions.  There have been others which were spot on such as the decision regarding handguns.  This is nothing more than a fluff piece which compared to the Washington Post’s great series on Intelligence pales in comparison.

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