Some forty years ago Spiro Agnew spoke of the silent majority.  At the time liberals believed he was speaking of those on the right who wanted to roll back the excess of the Great Society.  I would argue that the silent majority are those Americans, like myself, who are either moderate conservative or liberal. As the New York Times pointed out in an editorial today the populist Tea Party movement is moving the Republican Party further to the right and could very easily become, like the Federalists and Whigs of the 19th Century a footnote in the history books.  The Grey Lady (the New York Times) went on to say that this is an opportunity for the Democrats in the November elections.  I would only add, the Democrats should pay attention to what is happening to the Republican Party, as they too face pressures from those from the progressive wing of the party to move to the left.

Politics today is being driven not by the silent majority–those who are moderates and wish government to solve problems but do not necessarily believe every solution is found inside the beltway, rather it is the extremes of the left and right who are shouting and screaming and mad; and who are driving the agenda of both parties.  While colorful, the extremes of both the left and right are stifling debate, because like spoiled children, they want it their way, and their way only.

It is time for us, who are moderate in our temperament, to get involved.  We can not sit back and ignore the issues or refuse to vote.  If we truly want government to function for all the people, we need to reject the extremism of both parties and send a clear and convincing message that we want practical solutions.  Unless we do so, we face further gridlock in Washington as the two extremes fight each other over the direction of our nation.  There must provide an alternative to the message of tear government down because it is bad and the competing message of we need more government.  It is time for the silent majority to get involved.

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