Several days ago a friend showed me a Facebook entry written by a friend on the Tea Party. The individual writing had a very low opinion of the Tea Party and concluded their comments with the following quote which I shall paraphrase, it is ashamed we allow the uneducated, uninformed, and ignorant vote.

While I share many of the views of the author, I have attempted, at least I believe I have, to remember, while I disagree with the Tea Party, they nevertheless are entitled to their views. While they do not share my worldview they are not ignorant boobs or yokels.

But distain is not confined to those on the left. Many in the Tea Party have expresses a distain for so called experts in Washington telling the people what to do. It is almost as if they believe that they are too educated and lack common sense.

The tendency to distain the views and motives of those on the other side of a political question is wrong. We must remember we are all Americans. There is a hardheadedness about both progressives and the Tea Party, that they somehow have the only answer. The solutions to our nations problems lies somewhere in the middle. We would do well to listen to the other side, to find our shared values and to work together to solve our problems. We must remember the whole is always stronger than the individual pieces.

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