Found this in Politico today. The article lays out Allen West’s take on the Republican leadership and the Pledge For America. I find it disconcerting that West along with a number of candidates hold in distain the notion of compromise. I am not sure how he thinks things get done. If the Republicans attempt to govern in a my way or the highway manner, as has Nancy Pelosi and the democrats have, they will be turned out on their asses as it appear the democrats are going to be. Despite the noise of the extreme right and left, Americans want prudent government that works.

The second problem I have with West, is related to the actions he took in Iraq, where he fired his pistol near the head of a prisoner in order to make him talk. He justified his actions at the time as the ends justify the means. He lost his career in the Army over those actions. In my book he should have been court martialed for his actions. His actions besmirched the image of the U S Army and made our job harder in Iraq.

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