Ruth Marcus has a great piece in a recent (October 13) WAPO on the British Conservative Party Conference and the political philosophy of governing which Prime Minister David Cameron is adhering. Her most telling line, comes at the end of her piece when she says, “Granted, the United Kingdom and United States have different political systems and political cultures. But oh for a Republican Party that sounded anywhere near so sensible. Alas, it will take more than eye of newt — or is that eye of Newt? — to accomplish that magic.”

While (Whilst if I were British!) I agree with her assessment of David Cameron’s action to control government spending in the UK; with a combination of draconian budget cuts (20% from the Ministry of Defense alone!) and talk hikes to increase government revenues, I doubt if Marcus would have said similar words of praise for the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher. Unlike Cameron, who seems to favor a common sense approach, Thatcher had more in common with Ronal Reagan and his economic philosophy.

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