I had the opportunity to study the results of yesterday’s mid-term elections.  As I looked at the BBC Map of the election results I was struck by several observations about the election and democratic party:

  1. The democratic strength is found primarily along the Northeast coast, and the West Coast.  The further inland you go, the redder the districts.
  2. The loss of “Blue Dog” Democrats is going to pull the House further to the left; making it harder to find common ground on issues.
  3. While the Democrats showed some strength in the mid-west and south; their victories were confined to urban areas in in minority-majority districts.
  4. The Democratic base is urban.
  5. There was a strong correlation between House district that voted for McCain and those where democrats were turned out yesterday.
  6. The key to winning for the democrats is capture the independent voters who are moderates.

Here are some observations about the republican party:

  1. The South is the solid republican south and largely rural.
  2. Whereas in the past voters in the South would vote for democrats who they knew and trusted; in 2010 they voted against the democratic party and for the republican party.
  3. There are no moderates left in the republican party; the revolution against Rockefeller republicans began by Barry Goldwater is complete.  The question is what happens to Senators Snow and Collins of Maine–my guess is the Tea Party types will go after both in their next reelection campaign.
  4. The republican party did elect two African American representatives: one from Charleston South Carolina; and the other from Florida.
  5. The impact of the Tea Party on the republican party is yet to be fully determined.
  6. The question of whether Sarah Palin was a winner or loser is unanswered.

    House of Representative's Map of the United States after 2010 election

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