So the law and order types have got their panties in knot.  You know the ones who see every Arab, every Muslim as terrorists; terrorists who they want to try, convict, and hang/kill/imprison as quickly as possible.  Hell they would forgo the trials if they could just put them down in Gitmo and throw away the keys.  You know deny them any semblance of due process, any semblance of the basic protection of our constitutional system.  So you ask why they have their panties in knot; well folks it seems like the American people, that is a jury in New York City said wait a minute about convicting Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, on four counts of conspiracy, including conspiring to kill Americans and to use weapons of mass destruction.  He was however convicted of one other count of conspiracy. They are also upset, that the Attorney General decided to try this case in Federal Court and not before a military tribunal.  Thus though they have had much luck with military tribunals, maybe because the Judge Advocate General Corps of the services understands that as attorneys and members of the armed forces they have first and foremost an obligation to their clients and to ensure the basic tenets of constitutional protection are afforded.

I have no doubt he is a bad person; but boys and girls, the U. S. lost this because torture was used to obtain information, which the Judge presiding wisely tossed out.  Here is the problem in a nutshell.  We can either be a nation of laws and abide by them and truly hold ourselves up as being “a nation of laws” or we can be hypocrites.  Right now most of the world believes the later that we are hypocrites of the first order.  If we live up to our ideals then over time we can change the world’s perception that we are hypocrites.

Unfortunately most of the ones who advocate the most draconian views on this subject do not realize their zeal for retribution damages more than it helps.


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