As many know, my Labrador Retriever Keydet crossed the rainbow bridge last Sunday, November 14, 2010.

When I was in Iraq in 2004 and Kuwait in 2005 Keydet stayed with my brother Lee and his family in Elizabeth City North Carolina.  My brother Lee would leave his computer on and Keydet would write letters to me that began Dear Paw Paw.  I thought I would share them with you.  The first letter you will read is my final letter to Keydet, written after he died and is my final expression of my love for that Ole Yeller Dawg Keydet.

Saturday 20 November 2010

Dear Keydet,

You have been gone almost a week. Debbie and I, the cats and Winslow really miss you. Winslow is lost without you around to keep him company, though the little kitten Julia and he are best buds. But she does not fill the void you left in Whistle Dicks heart.

You may not remember this but as you were laying on the examine table Winslow gave you a kiss goodby. He knew you were going on an eternal journey. He has been much better behaved and I think he now knows he is the big dog of the house.

You probably know this but you had a score of human friends. We have had notes of condolence from Dave and Lisa, the Conaways, Grandpa Rod, Grandma Lorraine and your Uncle Roddie and Cousin Tyler, George, Gail and the kids, Lee and Giselle, and an especially nice one from Colin. You left a lasting impression on that young man and I think you helped him mature. There have been numerous posts on our Facebook page from people whose lives you touched.

The past week has been bittersweet, as I have thought about our adventures together. I still have mental image of our first walk together when you were so scared that you refused to go any further. Within a matter of days you choose me to be your companion for life. The memory of our many walks around Lake Accontick lingers in my mind’s eye. I still have a mental image of you being wheeled out in your cage in Frankfurt Germany, unconcerned and not worried whether I was going to be there, you trusted me to come back every time I went away be it for a few days, several weeks or months, and were always excited to see me, particularly after I returned from Iraq.  I hope I lived up to the trust you placed in me.

It was not until Saturday night, we knew how much pain you were in or how sick you were. Your stoicism was one of your greatest traits. Stoicism that allowed you to endure two major knee surgeries and the recovery and to never whimper. Never once did you hesitate on those rehab walks or show any signs of pain.

You have completed your life’s mortal journey, you have crossed the rainbow bridge, and by now you have met the Foresman dogs; a great bunch, each special in their own way. You have been reunited with Nanny and Da, and I suspect you have already slept at his feet and been fed cheese as a treat.

There have always been great arguments whether animals and particularly dogs go to heaven. I am not a theologian, but how can creatures great and small not go to heaven after living their mortal lives here on earth. They touch, us mortals, in some special way, by leaving their spirit in the form of memories.

You touched me in a very special way, a way that will remain with me until that day when I hopefully, join all the company of heaven and cross the rainbow bridge. Until them old friend thanks for the memories.


Paw Paw

20 June 2004

Hey Dad

The man you left me wif didnt tern off the compooter so I though I would send you a letter.  I still havent lernd how to spell, and the lack of a thum makes it hard to rite.

I hope u r doing ok.  The man who looks lik u (but without hair) and his gurl and the boy treet me good. They r takn good kare of me.  They took me to the vet this weak to look at my skin.  I was worried going to the vet, but this time was ok – they didnt stick anything up my but or giv me a shot.  The vet said my skin looks good and the worm was gone.

The boy sleeps in my room, I let him hav the bed.  Every morning the man stumbles into the room with my dog cuzin Bart and we go out and walk and then eat.  that is the best part of gettn up.  The boy and i play durin the day – he is a good ball tosser, but not as good as u r.  he n I n bart watch tv sum – he likes to look at shows about cars and girls,  the man jus laffs and says its is test a roni poisining.  the gurl n I n bart spend a lot of time ner each oterh durn the day too.  the only time i go away frum her is wen she gets out the big noiz maker machine.  she says she hax to get up the har bart and i leeve on the karpet.  i jus hope i don’t loze all my hair lik the man did.

the man and gurl take me n bart for walks at nite.  the people in the howses near where they live keep saying i am a great lookn dog and they wood luv to get me to mak them puppies.  these people must not no about the toys you left.  they say that its too bad that i have no balls.  i no better, i have at least 2 balls with green fuz on them that the boy thros to me each day.

the man his gurl and boy think about u every day.  each nite the man says ur name just before he goes to sleep and asks someone to keep u safe.  if i cud talk i wood tell the man not to wurry, I no you are ok and will come get me soon.

the man took my pikture today and i hav lerned how to add it to myletter.  so here it is.  the boy toll me yesterday that he wuz goin to cal a four n ia wif hiz ant pat for a week.  so bart n i hav to wurk hardr to keep the man and gurl happy.  this is one thing i did to make them happy.  i no the piktur looks lik me jus layn down but i am reely gardn the front dor for the man and gurl.  it is hard wurk and the gurl will giv me a cookie for bean such a good gard.  i also took them out to play ball urly this day, the man sad last nite that he just cudn’t wate to get up on a sun day.  since ther wur no clouds and the sun wuz out, i made sure he got up.

i had better go. there is a new dog too howses from me that i hav to go snif.


30 June 2004

Hi dad

The man u left me wif left the compooter on agin.  I thought it wood be a good time to rite u.

It haz bean quiet here.  The boy wuz in cal i forn ia wif hiz ant pat last week n got home Monday.  While he wuz gone, I wurked hard to keep the man wif no hair n his gurl happy.  I played ball wif them whenever I could n took them for walks.  The man is always talking about how he just luuuvvs to get up wif the dogs erly in the morning, so i wurked reel hard to wake up as erly as i could while the boy wuz gone.  It reely doesn’t change when the boy is home, either the man or his gurl get up in the morning to take me n my cuzing Bart for our first walk and to feed us.  The man wif no hair grumbles a lot in the morning. if he didn’t say how much he liked gettn up erly, i wood think he was mad.

The man is reel happy.  He sayz his little gurl is coming for a vizit. He say he haz to go to college wif her furst tomorrow and Friday for parent teeching n to stroke a chek.  The man n gurl hav bean talking about goin on a trip wif the boy n the man’s little gurl. The man wif no hair sayz they r goin to Charley’s Town to see hiz ship after the 4th.  I don’t no what that meens, but think u should no.

I don’t think they are takn me n my dog cuzing bart.  The gurl took me n bart to the vet last week.  They showed her a place where they keep dogs for people who are on trips.  It was reel kleen and smelt good.  The dogs that wur there said the people take good care of them and that there masters always came bak to get them.  The vet gave me a shot for kennl coff – or they called it a shot.  But they blew air up my noze and didn’t stik a sharp thing in my but – so I am not sure that it was a shot.

My dog cuzing bart said he was scared of the place they keep dogs.  He said that he wuz in one of those places for a long time.  His old master left him and didn’t come bak.  I told him that he shouldn’t worry.  I told him you have to leave me every once in a while, but u always come back.  the man wif no hair looks like u, so i no he will come back for us to.  The man and gurl said they have made sure me n my cuzzin bart are in the same run.  The man tole me that since I am the older dog, I have to take care of my cuzzin bart.  The man said that is what u r doin, bean the older dog for a bunch of young pups.  I reely lik it when he talks so that I can understand.

I jus hope that I do a good of job as u do.  The man always talks proud about what u are dooin. When we go for walks he sayz that what u r dooin is impotent n he misses u, but that u will be home soon.  I jus hope i take as good kare of my cuzzing bart as the man sayz u are doo in wif your young pups.  If i do as a good job as u do, the man wif no hair will be as proud of me as he is you.  I know he will giv me a cookie if i make him proud.  If he givs me a cookie for u too, i will try to save it for you.  But, I mite have to eat it to keep it from bart.

I hav to go now.  the man wuz sleepn, thoo he jus got home from wurk.  He is up now n I don’t want him to no i can use the compooter.

One more thing I haven’t figured out yet, but I will.  The man, the gurl, and the boy always talk to someone before they eat dinner, but no one else is in the room.  Anyway they always say your name and ask the person I can’t see to keep u safe.  I reely wish that i could talk so that i could tell them not to worry.  U always come back to me.


11 July 2004

Hey Dad

The man wif no hair left the compooter on again.  As I told u last time me n bart had to spend time at what the man calls camp k-9.  U will be very proud of me I took good care of my dog cuzzin bart like I said that I would.  The gurl was real proud of me and gave me a cookie.  She actually gave me two, but I think one was for you she said it was for all who took kare of the young pups and i no that is what u are doin.  Cents u weren’t here, I ate your cookie for u so my dog cuzzin bart wouldn’t eat it as he didn’t take care of any young pups.

Me n my dog cuzzin bart must have been reel good dogs at Camp k-9, when we got home the man wif no hair had built a fence round the back yard so that me n bart could go out and play wif out havn to be on the leash.  Its a lot of fun to have a place where I can jus run n play.  The boy still throws me the ball only now i don’t haf to run as far to get it.  My dog cuzzin bart likes it to – i don’t think he got to run much before he came to live wif the man wif no hair n his gurl.

The man n his gurl n the boy and the man’s little gurl talked about their trip to Charley’s town.  The man u left me wif must be a sailor or somten because he said they went and saw his boat that he was on when he was in the Coast Guard.  He talked to the boy n his little gurl about how it brought back good memories of some real fun times he had.  The man tole sum fun y stories about when he wuz on the boat. The man’s gurl said during one of the stories that the good news she found when she flew over to bermuda to wurk wuz that the man’s warranty was gone in bermuda n that he can now go back.  I don’t no what that meens, but the man said that the next time he would pay the horse driver and not jus take the wagon in bermuda.

The man is reel proud of his little gurl he says that she is getting ready to go to skool at christofer nuports skool.  Just before he left me at camp k-9, he went to christofer Nuport for too days of parent teaching and check rightin.  He said that he was very happy by the way christofer introduced his little gurl to skool.  He said that he lurned alot also about sendin his little gurl to christofer nuport – he made it sound like it was harder than leafin me n my dog cuzzin bart at camp k-9.  I can’t see what is so hard about goin to christofer’s skool or any other skool.  When i went to camp k-9 they took reel good care of me n my dog cuzzin bart.  They gave us both baths and kept us in the same run so bart wouldn’t be scared.  We slept a lot – the man sayz that is what u did when you went to skool n if i sleep as good as u do I can get graduated too.

The man is always talken to me about what u are doing.  When it is jus me n him – he talks differently than when there are other people around.  He sayz that everyone he talks too is proud of you and all the young pups that you are taken care of so good.  He tole me that he wuz over near where u are a long time ago n that he reely missed his little boys n little gurl while he wuz there.  He said that he knew that u missed me, n the man wif no hair n hiz gurl n their kidz, n those other men that look like you n their gurls n their kidz as well.  He said that though he missed hiz family what he did wuz impotent jus as what u are doing is impotent n that made it easier for him to be gone.

He tole me that he wuz often scared over there while driven boats at nite said he never knew what could come out of the dark.  He also said that not bean able to move around much into the towns made life boring.  I tole him that he should haf taken a good dog wif him – it could have barked if anything wuz hiding in the dark and when he wuz bored he could have scratched the dogs head or played ball wif the dog.

The man wif no hair n hiz gurl n the boy still talk to someone i can’t see before they eat and ask that person to keep u safe.  One of these days i will figure out who they are talken to – i don’t even smell them in the room.  The one thing i know is that until they talk to that person, no one eats so me n my dog cuzzin bart haf to wait until they finish before the gurl will feed us treats under the table – jus like your mother did.

I haf to go now, the boy haz a friend over n i think they need to play ball wif me.  i haf to take care of the boy like i take care of bart – he is just a young pup too.  I jus hope that my dog cuzzin bart duzn’t get the testaroni poisoning from the boy – it makes the boy do things that makes the man wif no hair mad.  Pleeze don’t tell the man – but i laff when that happens – hiz face n head get red n he looks funny.


15 July 2004


The man wif no hair left the compooter on again.  I got your email read to me by the gurl that treets me so good – last nite she got me n my dog cuzzing bart doggie ice cream.   U are rite – typing wuz hard to lern, xspecially cents I don’t have no thums.  I had trouble understandin about your boss – but the man wif no hair splained it to me – He tole me that your boss spent most of his time high in the sky wif no air to breathe and is drain bramaged.  If I wur there wif u, I wood pee on his leg cents there are no bushes or trees.

It haz bean very hot here so me and my dog cuzzin bart have bean taken kind of ez.  We went out a couple of times this week wif the gurl to wurk in the yard.  She has bean diggin holes and then she puts bushes in them.  If bart and I cud talk, we wood tell her that we wood dig the holes for her.  We try sumtimes, but she stops us.  I guess she doezn’t want us to get too hot.  They must be special bushes – the gurl won’t let me n bart pee on them.

My dog cuzzin bart is learning how to play.  He sayz that he never got to play when he wuz young.  Now he chases the ball when the gurl or the boy or the man wif no hair throw it.  The gurl got him hiz own frizbee n he chases that n brings it back to hur.  Sumtimes when they throw things to me, bart chases me instead of the ball or frizbee.  Both me and my dog cuzzin bart reely like the fence the man wif no hair had built – we get to go out wif out any leashes.  We reely like to run around the yard.

The man wif no hair still gets up erly in the morning to feed bart n I.  He is reely funy to watch when he hazn’t drunk his black water.  He stumbles and mumbles, but I can tell he reely likes gettin up erly so me n bart wurk hard to make sure he duz.

There iz a nu dog next door – she sayz her name is belle n that she is a blood hound puppy.  She has reely big ears and her pawz are reely big too.  She haz a reely good bark.  The man n gurl that own hur r teachn her to find things wif her noze.

The man wif no hair sayz he talks to the other men that look like u.  All of those men n there big gurls n little gurls n little boyz r havn fun thiz summer.  The man wif no hair sayz that the other man that looks just like him n hiz gurl n hiz little boy ryan n hiz little gurl shannon wuz on vacation erly thiz month.  They went to sumplace the man wif no hair calls elmo’s land.  The man wif no hair that takes care of me laffs n sayz bettr him then me when he talks about their trip.  The other man that looks like u ( I think he lives in the sam place your mother did) n hiz family went up to Washington DC last week, but the man wif no hair hazn’t talked to them cents then.

I have to go n play wif my dog cuzzin bart.  If we iz lucky, belle will come over n play wif us n I will get to sniff her.  The man wif no hair sayz hiz gurl is out wif her friend C C n they went to virginia to shop.  So I am goin to wurk hard to make sur the man wif no hair playz wif me.

U splained reel good about who the man wif no hair, n the gurl, n the boy have been talkin to that I can’t see.  They do it every nite before they eat.  I am glad that he is takin care of everyone, xpecially u.  When the man wif no hair talks just to me – he says that u are in a place that u may get hurt.  Cents the man wif no hair n hiz gurl, n hiz boy r takin such good care of me, n i am taken such care of my dog cuzzing bart, I will talk to man i can’t see about takin sum of the time he spends takin care of us and uzin it to take care of u.

I reely must go now.  I smell a cat and have to run downstairs and bark reel loud.  The man wif no hair is sleepn wif the box that makes pixtures n sound on.  I know he will be happy when i bark n run the cat out of the yard, cuz he don’t like cats.


15 Aug 2004

Hey Dad

Sorry I haven’t ritten – Its been a while since the man wif no hair left the compooter on.  The last couple of weeks have been busy around here,   Right after I rote you last, the man wif no hair left for several days to go to Cal’s IFornia.  I am not sure where that is – but the man siad the weather was nice.  While he was gone, the started building a new house across the street so me and my dog cuzzin bart have a lot to look at during the day.

Besides the new house being built, the man wif no hair has been building a patio outside the back door.  Many days ago he and the boy started digging a hole outside the back door.  Me and my dog cuzzing bart lay out in the back yard and watched them to make sure they dug it right.  We weren’t too sure why they dug the hole – after they got done they didn’t put any bones or anything like that in it.  In fact once they got it dug, they filled it up again.  I guess humans are like that – digging themselves into a hole just to fill it up again and not really getting anything done.

This week the man and the boy started putting blocks into the hole – they said they were building a patio.  They got about half of it done one day.  The next day, the boy the man wif no hair calls junior came down wif his gurl.  I guess they live close to here.  They finished putting the blocks in the hole.  I think that patio means a dry spot for me an my dog cuzzin bart to lay on – cuz that it all we are doing on it.

It has bean raining a lot here the last few weeks.  The man wif no hair spends a lot of time listening to the TV talk about the rain.  He says that he has to make sure that everyone will be safe from the hericanes.  If I could talk I would tell him that me and my dog cuzzin bart wood bark and scare off any of those canes that come here – whether they are her’s or him’s.   I guess we are doing a good job – so far no hericanes or himicanes have come here.

I think the reason that the man wif no hair hasn’t left the compooter on for me is becuase he has stopped putting sticks in his mouth and lighting them on fire.  The first couple of days he was grumpy but he is ok now.  I haven’t seen him wif a burning stick in his mouth since he came home from Cal’s Ifornia three weeks ago.

The gurl is happy.  She says the boy will be going back to school soon.  She keeps tellin the boy that he will soon have to wake up before noon.  I guess it will be like when I came here the 1st time.  After the man wif no hair would take me for my urly morning walk, I would go in and wake the boy.  The gurl said that I get to do that again in a few weeks.

The man said that he was going to Washington for too days starting today.  He says that on the third day he will bring his gurl chelsea to hur new skool.  I guess she has a lot of stuff – the man says that she is going to fill up his big car wif all hur stuff.  I can tell that the man is reel happy for his gurl – he always smiles when he talks about hur goine to skool.

Well I haf to go.  Everyone here still talks to the person I can’t see and asks them to keep you and all the other people in Irock safe.  I can’t wait for you to come get me so that we can go play ball.  The man wif no hair, his gurl, and their boy all play ball wif me – but it just isn’t the same.  You are the best ball player in the world


P.S. I will send you a picture soon.

22 August 2004

Hey dad

The man wif no hair left the compooter on again.  It’s a good thing that he did, I reely haf a lot to tell you and I don’t want to furget.

The man wif no hair, his gurl, and the boy gave me a birfday party today.  They gave me and my dog cuzzin Bart a steak and they also made me a cake that my dog cuzzin Bart and I ate.  We had a reely good time.

Thank you for the birfday present.  The gurl brought me a new bed this week and she said that it was from you.  I guess you herd that the vet said that I should get a bed.  I guess they don’t understand that when you are home that I have a bed to sleep in.  The boy takes reely good care of me but his bed isn’t big enoff for both him and I to sleep in.

The man wif no hair was taken some pictures duren the party for me.  I wuz able to find them on his compooter so I have added them to this letter so that you can see that I am doin ok.

The boy started back to skool this week.  He said that he is in hi skool, though I don’t know what that means.  I guess it has something to do wif the boy studing aboot girls and cars cuz that is all he talks about.  He started skool on the same day the man wif no hair took his little gurl chelsee to college.  I know that college is a special skool because she has to sleep there.

The man wif no hair haz bean building me and my dog cuzzin bart a patio to lay on when we go outside.  He got most of it finished before all the rain last weekend.   This weekend, he put a border around the bricks that he put down.  He said that if he didn’t the bricks would move.  To make sure that the bricks don’t move and mess up hiz wurk, me and my dog cuzzin bart have decided that we had better lay on the bricks alot.  I guess a lot of people wood think that we were sleepin, but we reely are wurkin.

Well I had better go now before the man wif no hair catches me on his compooter.  I hope that you come home soon,  I reely like it here and they take good care of me but it isn’t like bean at home wif you.

The man wif no hair, his gurl, and the boy still talk to someone I can’t see and ask them to take care of you.



1 Jun 2005

Hi Dad

The man wif no hair left hiz compooter on agin, so I am sendin you an email.  I really licked our drive from home up to see the man wif no hair, hiz gurl, hiz boy, and hiz little gurl.  The wind in my face feels reel good when that pointy thing in front of the wheel you hold is pointing to the 8,9 or 10.  We have had a lot of good times riding together.

I reely like driven wif you and seein the man wif no hair.  But I have noticed that if I see the man wif no hair, hiz gurl, hiz boy, and hiz little gurl, plus all the other men that look like you and the man wif no hair and there gurlz and little boyz and little gurlz – you leeve me for a long time.  That makes me sad.

But don’t wurry – my dog cuzzin bart and dog cuzzing buddy have been playin reel hard wif me and that makes me not sad.  My dog cuzzins play harder than I want to sum time – so I just sit and watch them then.  The man wif no hair gurl playz with all of us – she is still the best gurl ball thrower I know.  I reely like chasin the ball when she throws it.  My dog cuzzing bart chases the ball some – but he is more interested in just runnin wif me and I mostly get to bring the ball back to the gurl.  My dog cuzzin buddy jus likes to run – he duzn’t care if he gets the ball.

The man wif no hair took me to the doktor saterday so that they could take out the string the other doktor put in me.  The doctor sayd that I heel very nicely – I don’t know he kould haf knowed that, I wasn’t on a leash when he saw me.

The man wif no hair talks to me when we are lone like that – he sayz that he duzn’t want to wurry his gurl or boy talken bout you.  Me also thinks the man wif no hair understands that I know what he talks about when we are lone and that he understands me when I talk bak to him.  He told me that your orders had changed and that you don’t haf to go to Indian country this time – at least not now.  He said that while you were still wurken hard to keep all the young pups safe – you would be doen so frum a place called ku wayt.  The man wif no hair sayz ku wayt is a lot safer than I rack but still a leetle dangerous.  I don’t know what a ku wayts for, but I know that I am waytn for you to come home.  If you haf to go to Indian county – I am goen to ask the man wif no hair to send me to you so that I can keep you safe.  I can chase the Indians horses away just like I saw on tv the other day – that way the Indians can’t hurt you..  The gurl steel leafs the tv on for me and my dog cuzzins bart and buddy when she goes way.

I bet all them young pups r glad you are tranein them.  You traned me reel good and if they listen to you like I do – they will be fine soldiers like me.  The man wif no hair sayz it may be longer than the last time before you cum home.  But he keeps tellen me not to wurry – you will cum get me as soon az you get home.

The man wif no hair haz bean spenden a lot of time in the garage, says he iz builden me and my dog cuzzing bart and dog cuzzing buddy a new howse.  I seen it the other day when we wur goen to the doctor.  It’s a reely big howse.  Becuz I heer better than the gurl or boy, I know that the man wif no hair haz been sayen a lot of bad wurds while bilden the howse – I think it must help him bild faster.  Now that he sayz that he haz membered how to cut rafters, he duznt say az many bad wurds though.  When he haz the howse all bilt, I will get the boy to take a peekture of the howse and email it to you the next tyme the man wif no hair leafs the compooter on.

The man wif no hair and hiz gurl and hiz boy still talk to someone I can’t see befour each meel asken to keep you and all your young pups that you wurk wif safe.  It must be the same someone you talk too sumtimes.  Since this person has the power to keep you and your young pups safe I want you know that I talk to this person too asken them to keep you safe.  That way I can go for another ride wif you when you get home and have the wind blow in my face and have more good times wif you.


5 June 2005

Hey Dad

The wif no hair left the compooter on again.  It haz bean a long time cents he left the compooter on, so I haven’t been able to write.  Butt I haz bean thinkin of you every day.

The man wif no hair haz bean real buzy trying to get my new houze dun.  It is almost finished.  The man wif no hair haz not bean saying az many bad wurds az he wuz when he furst started.  The man from the houze next to the man wif no hair’s houze haz bean helpen the man wif no hair.  They call him Scott.  The man wif no hair haz bean sayen that the neighbors have coven ants and my houze haz to look like hiz houze on the siden.  I don’t how my houze haven the same siden will keep those ants away, but the man wif no hair duz.  The man wif no hairs laffs a lot when he iz bilden my houze.  He sayz that if we lived in won of dem fancy places, we probably wood have to put in indoor plummen.  He sayz that is why he likes liven here – everyone is just plane ol folk who jus want their houzes to look nice.  Scot nos how to do sidden, so the man wif no hair sayz he haz been lurning from Scot.  It is really great to have neighbors that help.  I have put sum peektures of the houze wif this email.  The man wif no hair’s gurl took the peektures and hiz boy helped me put them wif the email.  The man wif no hair sayz that I am lernen how to talk.  When he wuz putten stuff on the top of the house he asked me what is wuz, I went “ROOF”.  He told me I wuz a good pup and gave me a cookie for lernen my first wurd.  Just to show him, when he wuz rubben hiz hand across the stuff he put on top of the dog houze, I sayd “Ruff” and he gave me a cookie fur speaken my second wurd.

The man wif no hair’s gurl haz bean taken good care of me and my dog cuzzin bart and dog cuzzin buddy.  She still throws us the ball most every day.  All of us have bean getten good runnen and playen dun every day, so I am in reel good shape.  But she duzn’t throw the ball az good az you do.  So I am waiten reel good for you to come home and throw me the ball.

Last week the man wif no hair wuz talken about you and all those young pups you are wif.  He sayd that last weekend wuz a time to member all those young pups that had given everything to do a good job and that while I should be proud of you – I should be proud of all of the peeple like you.  He sayz that becuz all those young pups gave so much they couldn’t be wif their dogs and families anymore and that we should also talk to that persone I can never see and ask him to take good care of the young pups dogs and families.  I know that you wurk reel hard to be the best – but don’t wurk so hard that you can’t cum back and see me.  The man wif no hair sayz you will be alright cuz you are a great soldier.  But I no he wurries about you cuz I hear him talken to that person no one can see every day asken them to keep you and all your young pups safe.

The man wif no hair and hiz gurl and hiz boy are going on vacation this week up to road island.  The man wif no hair says they are goen to see hiz gurlz dad and mom and seester and her family.   The gurl is reely looken forward to bean away and seein her family.  The man wif no hair says he can only visit wif her family four a few dayz then he haz to go to wurk in a place called bar harbor.  You used to say every once in a while that you had to go to wurk in a bar – i guess it is the same place.  When the man wif no hair, hiz gurl, and hiz boy are gone my friend Nicole comes and takes care of me and my dog cuzzing bart and my dog cuzzin buddy.  This time though my dog cuzzin buddy will stay at the dog doktors store – he duzn’t look sick but maybe it is time for the dog doktor to fix him.  You got me fixed – which I never reely figured out.  When you took me to get fixed nutin wuz broken – but when i cam back frum bean fixed I wuz broken.  That duzn’t sound right – I guess you must have taken me to an army doktor.  Anyway i am glad he iz goen to the dog doktor and not me.  That way he gets the needle in the butt and I don’t.

Well I have to go now.  The man wif no hair sayz that you didn’t get my furst email.  The man wif no hair’s boy showed me how to put that furst email wif this one so I have stuck it on wif the peektures of the dog house.  Cuz you aint alwayz getten your email, I am goen to send it to the family web site too.  So you can look fur it there.


25 Jun 2005

Hey Dad

The man wif no hair left the compooter on so I am am righten to you.  It haz bean a while cents I wrote becuz the man wif no hair and hiz gurl and hiz boy were gone for a while.  They went up to road island to vizit the gurlz family.  Hearen the man wif no hair and hiz gurl talk it soundz like they had a good time.  I guess they spent some time with the gurlz cuzzen rose mary who haz a house near charlestown road island and then got on a boat to go an visit the gurlz ma and pa and seester and seester’s family.  It seems like rose mary went with them to this place called block island when the gurl wuz visiten wif all her family.  From the stories they are tellin it seems like the man wif no hair and hiz gurl and her family had a reely good time.  The man wif no hair just keeps sayen the best move he maid wuz to volunteer to be the designated driver early on – sayz he iz too old to have that much fun any more.

After the man wif no hair and hiz gurl and the boy left block island, they sayz they drove up to the bar harbor main .  I don’t know that place iz, but the man wif no hair sayz that they had to drive most of two dayz straight to get back home and see me, my dog cuzzen bart and dog cuzzen buddy.  You must be smarter than the man wif no hair, when you drive us to the main bar we go to you only drive a few minutes not two dayz.  The gurl sayz that it wuz rainy and cold up there and the man wuz in meetens all day wif a bunch of people frum all over the place including sumplace called Kanada.  The gurl got to meet one of the man wif no hair’s close friends from Kanada – they call him rick ward.  I guess from the stories the man wif no hair tells he and this friend who iz in Kanada’s Coast Guard have wurk reel hard to keep the Kanada Coast Guard and U.S. Coast Guard friends.  I think the man wif no hair and rick ward must do that by cookin breakfust for everyone – the man wif no hair says they spend a lot time maken toasts to each other.

The boy didn’t cum back from up north wif the man wif no hair and hiz gurl.  The gurl told me he had stayed wif hiz Aunt Pat and her new huzband up in sumplace called bawston.  The boy iz back now, and he sayz that he had a reel good time.

While the man wif no hair and hiz gurl and hiz boy were gone, they had nicolle stay wif me and my dog cuzzen bart.  Cuz nicolle haz to wurk duren the dayz the sent my dog cuzzen buddy to stay at the doggy camp cuz he gets in trouble if no one iz round for long times.

Well I have to go.  The man wif no hair is getten ready to go for a drive so I had better go wif him.  He says he iz goen to Lowes – he keeps grumblen that he should just by stock in the lowes place az much az he spend there.

The man wif no hair sayz that a lot of people want you and all the young pups you wurk wif to come home.  The man wif no hair sayz that wouldn’t be right – no matter how we feel about what got it started we haf to finish the job we start.  That iz what you haf always taught me and the man wif no hair is alwayz teachen to the boy and when he cums down here the other boy he calls junior.  I kno wthat each night the man wif no hair talks to that person I can’t see and ask them to keep you and your young pups safe.


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