Several weeks ago I opined on the results of the election.  In case you missed it, here it is.   It would appear that I got it most of it right according to a story in the Washington-Post today.

There is a clear warning for both the Democrats and Republicans in my analysis and that of the Washington-Post.  Both parties need to moderate their views; if the Republican party is viewed as solely being focused on social issues and is dominated by social conservatives and the anti-government Tea Party it will lose the support of those Americans in the middle; likewise if the Democratic Party is perceived as the party of socialism and big government it too will lose the support of the middle.  The Republican support is found in the South and Mid-West and is overwhelming white males; without a plan to become more diverse the Republican Party could well end up being a minority party.  The Democrats appeal is to the well educated and is strongest along the two coasts.  The Democratic party is more heterogeneous than the Republican but is viewed as being the bastion of educated elites who are disdainful of the average Americans.  Like the Republicans, the Democrats, could easily become a minority party.

I have serious doubts if either party is going to change; in fact I believe they are both, in different ways, are hell bent on self destruction.  The Tea-Party and the Progressives aside, most Americans are either moderate conservatives or moderate liberal.  This group, which Spiro Agnew, famously called the silent majority, want a fiscally responsible government, that governs.  They are tired of the partisan politics of Washington, they want America to succeed.  They want a legislative branch that focuses on the big problems facing our nation and to come up with common sense solutions to those problems.  While they are concerned with the excess of government they do not want to gut it.  They understand that government that is efficient is dangerous to the liberties of individuals; but they also understand that government that is sloppy is wasteful of the taxpayers money.  They want a fair tax system.  They want a balanced budget and understand that the answers to achieving one is a combination of higher taxes for all and cuts in the budget.  They want our Armed Forces to be strong but they also want it to fiscally responsible.  They see a lot of problems in our nation that need to be addressed but are ignored because the partisan rhetoric.

The time is ripe for a Third Party, a party built on the principal of getting things done, a party not adverse to compromise to achieve the goals which the people want.  A party not controlled by faction rather a party that seeks to achieve consensus of the diverse perspectives of the whole.  While the Democrats claim to be the Party of Jefferson and Jackson and the Republicans claim to be the party of Lincoln and Reagan, a third party must identify itself with Madison.  Madison the consummate legislator who sought to bring diverse views together in order to promote legislation that served the needs of the common weal.

Time will tell if I am right or wrong!

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