George Will has a sober opinion piece on Libya in the March 22, 2011 Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/regime-change-in-libya-isnt-americas-duty/2011/03/21/ABhDlj7_story.html). I was particularly struck by this passage:

“Congress’s power to declare war resembles a muscle that has atrophied from long abstention from proper exercise. This power was last exercised on June 5, 1942 (against Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary), almost 69 years, and many wars, ago. It thus may seem quaint, and certainly is quixotic, for Indiana’s Richard Lugar — ranking Republican on, and former chairman of, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — to say, correctly, that Congress should debate and vote on this.”

As a nation the most egregious Constitutional mistake we the people have allowed our representative, in both the Executive and Legislative Branch, to perpetuate is allowing the nation to commit it’s treasure without a declarations of war. I am not talking about the farcical resolutions allowing a President to use all necessary means rather a real declaration of war. One in which the President states the reasons and necessity for war; and Congress voting on a Joint Resolution declaring the United States is at war.

One thought on “George Will on Libya

  1. The War Powers Act provides the Lazy Man’s way out. If diplomacy doesn’t work – conduct a military campaign for three months and then get some other country to engage in diplomacy on our behalf.

    It’s atrophied our diplomatic corps while strengthening our Marine Corps.

    It requires the POTUS to be the consumate politician; and forces the Congress to take an interest.

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