First let me say this, I am glad that Bin Laden is dead.  I also glad, that our nation has men, like the SEALS, Delta, SF, Rangers, and Nightstalkers who do those thing that would make the average citizen recoil in horror.  We need men like this, for there are those whose agenda is to destroy our nation, there is not changing their minds, they are evil, and there is only one recourse—death.

What I do find disturbing is the celebration of OBL death.  Most who were chanting and celebrating would never in their wildest dreams volunteer to join the United States military.  This is not a sporting event, there is still hard work ahead.  By cheering and celebrating we only fuel the hatred of those who wish us ill.

As a nation, it is in our interest to be humble and not to be braggarts.  I know some who have served in these organizations and the one trait they all share—they are humble.

Our nation needs to emulate their example.

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