From the New York Times Linda Greehouse (who I find to be an absloutely the most biased reporter on the Supreme Court beat) has written a provactive analysis of Kentucky v. King I (No. 09–1272. Argued January 12, 2011—Decided May 16, 2011)   which further errodes our four amendment rights from unlawful search and seizure.  One of the most important aspects of the Magna Charta was its dictium that a “mans home is his/her castle.”  This was fully enshrined in our Bill of Rights as a direct result of the abuse of warrantless searches by British Authorities in the years leading up the American Revolution.  Whenever the Government resorts to arguments that this is necessry in order to win the “War” take your choice drugs, terrorism, illegal jaywalking, our rights as citizens are in danger.

More on this later; for a good academic perspective see Scott Lemieux over at the American Prospect.

One thought on “Constitutional Rights an Abberation!

  1. We need The Brahmin, the Mentats, back. The SCOTUS has been dumbed down to the point that it beclowns itself with each decision; and is in danger of becoming an anachronism to be disrespected. I tend to except Justices Thomas and Scalia. When I read their opinions, I can follow the logic A to B to C and so on. But the others, from Chief Justice Roberts to Justice Kagan: A to blue to Z to 12. With an act of G-d thrown somewhere in the mix.

    If these folks represent the best legal minds in the Nation, perhaps we should reconsider implementing trial by ordeal.

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