I am going to state it up front, I am sick and tired of politics as usual in the United States.  I am tired of the Tea Party; I am tired of Progressives, I want more politicians who solve problems not exuberate problems, I want more politicians like Jerry Ford, Everett Dirksen, Mike Mansfield, and Tip O’Neil and fewer like Jim DeMint, Eric Cantor, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi.  I am tired of our politicians worrying more about reelection than governing, I am tired of politicians pushing agenda that are designed to divide the nation rather than unite the nation.  I am tired of special interest; who divide our nations into narrow groups that put their special concerns ahead of the commonweal.

We need fundamental reform to our political system.  We need to quit the gerrymandering of political boundaries to protect incumbents; we need to lessen the influence of extreme special interest in selecting candidates; we need ordinary citizens to get involved, to run for office, to participate in the political life of our republic to serve as citizen legislators.  Without basic reforms we will continue to elect the current crop of politicians is that what we want—I think not.

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