Okay so if California did copy Iowa’s method, why can’t _____________? Redistricting has become the politician benevolent protective process, where politicians first protect their own party’s incumbents, then the other party’s incumbents.

A citizens commission in California released a new congressional map that – barring legal challenges – is nearly finalized and would draw close to 30 current lawmakers into districts with other incumbents. Several members will have to retire or face tough primary contests. A state that has been one of the least electorally competitive because of gerrymandering could be the most entertaining locale on the 2012 map.

2 thoughts on “If California Why Can’t _____________!

  1. I don’t disagree with you, but believe your point is made moot by personnel. The plans will never make it past the current Civil Rights Division of DOJ.

    • Dave O:

      You can still have a commission that considers race, among other items in determining district boundaries. In fact if you read the Voting Rights Act and the decisions of the Supreme Court in this regard they require that districts be compact, contiguous, and shared values. One of the most egrigious redistrictings which the SC overturned was the I85 District in North Carolina. If the Commission does it work correctly it will pass muster.

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