Here is a link to great article over at Slate  on the move by various states to make voting harder.  Of course the reason they give is “voter fraud.”  Wow, how original, that is how folks like Pitchfork Ben Tillman, Tom Watson, and Carter Glass justified the imposition of voter restrictions in the early 20th Century.  Then, they made it clear the purpose of these laws, the so called Jim Crow laws, was to disenfranchise blacks in the South.  Today, this new breed of politician, is more subtle, but nevertheless is aiming these laws to disenfranchise blacks, Hispanics, and poor people who are inclined to God forbid—Democrats.

Before anyone accuses of being a partisan—I will now take the opportunity to bash the Democrats for their blatant Gerrymandering of Congressional Districts in Maryland.  The Democrats hold all but two Congressional Districts in Maryland, but apparently that is not enough they need more.  Gerrymandering, by either party, is wrong . . . California has hit on the solution which is a non-partisan panel that take politics out of the process.  Guess what California is going from the least competitive state for Congressional races to the most competitive.  Gerrymandering is the leading contributor to our broken legislative process.  We have too many members of the House of Representatives who owe their election to a faction within their party.  The results are overly partisan politicians likes Nancy Pelosi and Eric Cantor.

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