American politicians have always been an interesting and intriguing lot.  They have over the years given Americans much to laugh about because of their foibles, stupidity, and ability to insert their feet into their mouths.  On occasion they have surprise, reaching new heights of statesmanship.  The New Deal, the Civil Rights Revolution, and the Clinton Balanced Budget are just some their recent highpoints.  During the last several months, America has held it breath hoping once again for a miracle.

Unfortunately, this Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, are incapable of doing what the American people elected them to do, govern our nation in a responsible way.  Years ago, Mark Twain remarked that America had not native criminal class except Congress.  When he said that back in the day he was referring to Congress being bought by business industries, today he would say Congress has become the haven for welfare cheats.  You know those shiftless, lazy, folks on the government dole; the ones who sit around all day and do nothing, who shuck and jive their way through life, sucking the government tit and doing nothing in return.  What has the 112th Congress done, other than bicker like Kindergartners; they have accomplished nothing.  There was a time, not many years ago, when Republicans and Democrats would argue, but at the end of the day they would come together and do something.

Today, both parties elected representatives do nothing.  They ignore the voters who elected them; they pander to ever smaller constituencies be it Move On.Org or the Tea Party.  In short they have forgotten they represent all the people not just the ones who voted for them.

What can be done?  There is one thing you can do when you go to vote next year if the individual is an incumbent vote for the other person!  Yeah I know we might end up with some real Bozo’s as our representative.  Doubt if they could be any worse than the bunch we have today.

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