As I read the newspaper today I was struck that the world as we know it is coming to an end.  In Europe, the United Kingdom wanted no part of a European Union financial treaty that would help solve the sovereign debt problem in Europe.  The UK has a love hate relationship with the EU.  While they like the notion of an integrated tariff union, they are leery of giving up their national sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Meanwhile in Russia, Vladimir Putin, is finding that the people are not so keen on him being President again.  It would appear that the democracy bug has migrated from the Middle East to Russia.  Whether it will result in true democratic reforms remains to be seen.  Vladimir Putin wants to reestablish the Soviet Union as a major power.  Unfortunately the Cold War world is long gone.  Whether the Russian people want true democracy or any leader but Vladimir is the unanswered question.  The history of Russia suggest that the country can only be ruled by a strong leader, but perhaps the Russian people are ready for democracy and all its ugliness.

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