I don’t doubt the Washington Post article about Mr. Obama being the most polarizing President in sixty years to be true.  Merely stating it as a fact from polling data fails to tell the whole story—fails to answer the fundamental question Why?

  • If you call someone a bogeyman long enough—then people will begin to believe it.  Name your critics be it Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Mark Levine, Rush Limbaugh, from the first day of the Obama Presidency they have painted him as un-American, promoting a socialists agenda.  Despite being blatantly false—it soon becomes true and no amount of rational facts will change people’s minds.
  • The birth certificate was he really an American and eligible to be President.  Despite providing copies of the Birth Certificate there are those who still doubt he has the right to be President.There are those who are convinced he is going to take away our guns; since the only law introduced is by an obscure former Black Panther Bobby Rush and it has yet to make it out of committee, and it is not likely it every will.  Of course this is going to happen despite two Supreme Court cases upholding the right of the people to keep and bear arms and the facts that America has more guns per capita than anyplace in the world.  (I am doing my part I have more than ten.
    • A subcategory of this are the ones who call him by his middle name Hussein; attempting to make Americans believe he is a Muslim.
  • Health care.  While it was passed while he was President, he signed it, and we call it Obama care; the reality is the legislation is very different than what he wanted.  This bill is really Nancy Pelosi and not Obama.
  • The Tea Party—enough said.
  • But the real reason he is polarizing because there are too many Americans who cannot accept the idea that Black man can and is be President of the United States.

2 thoughts on “Most Polarizing President in Sixty Years.

  1. The Washington Post’s article citing President Obama as the most polarizing president in sixty years is not particularly illuminating as far as its content but is…as can be anticipated in most print media…incendiary in producing more heat than light from its readership. KEYDET 1976 is emblematic of this phenomena in advancing the notion that the most salient determinant for the article’s hypothesis is racism. That that allegation enjoys considerable support among some Americans is regrettably true. That racism…individual, systemic or covert… describes the reason why disaffection is felt by an increasing number of Americans is utterly unsupportable.
    Disenchantment with the President’s performance since his inauguration is more a function of his performance…or lack thereof… on the job… than any latent racism. The contributor mentions the President’s failure to guide or place his imprint on the monstrosity that critics call “Obamacare.” That title is unfair as anyone who is familiar with the 18 month tortuous legislative process knows that the President exercised…as mentioned by keydet 1976…virtually no control, influence, guidance or care over what was ultimately a deeply flawed Pelosi/Reid product.
    What the President is culpable of however… is his equally tentative to ineffectual response to the then looming unemployment issue. Coupling this with the Chief Executive’s failure to address the national border issue, perceived aloof detachment from serious foreign policy issues and egregious tendency to take time off during periods of national distress and you have created a formula for disenchantment.
    The President’s soaring campaign rhetoric has given way to sudden outburst of anger and the once inspirational flourishes of Hope and Change have moved from aspiration to expiration. The current campaign trips…thinly disguised as examples of engaged governance…have done little to dispel the notion that President Obama delegative leadership style has resulted in excesses in the in the Congress, bias in the Department of Justice and an unseemly expansion of intrusive power in the Department of Health and Human Services. As Washington said…”Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is power and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” President Obama’s leadership and detached managerial style has added fuel to that fire. Charges of racism constitute a smouldering distraction at best.

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