Facebook is a fascinating insight into social commentary.  In some respects it has become the bathroom stalls of the 21st Century—an area where people make comments that reflect their angst, but unlike the bathroom stall it is not anonymous or private but rather is there for your friends and acquaintances to see.

We have been through a very contentious election, yet I notice that among certain people that they can not accept the fact that Barrack Hussein Obama won and that Willard Mitt Romney lost.  A sampling of what I am speaking of:

“The 58 million who voted for Barack are clearly misguided in one way or another – perhaps they were so afraid of losing their entitlements, they voted for Obama? Who wouldn’t want to keep receiving free money that you and I earned? Perhaps they are truly naive, like many of the college kids who showed up and voted for O – how can you convince a kid that the fiscal irresponsibility of this presidency will directly affect their future? They’ve never lived in the real world or paid a mortgage or had to manage the bills that mom and dad have always paid. The majority will have a rude awakening over the next decade.

I blame 3 particular groups for the defeat. First, I blame the middle and upper-middle class voters (mostly female – no offense) who made their judgment solely on the abortion issue – most have never seen a planned parenthood office, never will and are no closer to ever needing an abortion than I am. They chose to overlook the things that will directly affect them – a stale economy, higher taxes, stagnant wages, high unemployment and decreased national security – all because of a single issue that likely has no direct affect on them. Think about that ladies, when you or your husband loses your job and you can no longer afford your mortgage or pay your bills. 2. I blame the apathetic yet eligible voter who failed to show up at the polling booth for whatever reason. Nearly 40% of able-bodied American voters didn’t even care enough to venture out yesterday. Pitiful! You deserve everything negative that this election brings upon us. You have no right to complain when your taxes go up, your investments shrink, and your wages fall. . .”

Or this:


It was fun while it lasted.

Food stamps and section 8 housing for everyone!”

The implication from both of these comments is that it is the 47% who elected Obama.  The 47% is it a code word for minorities, or is it truly a belief that only those who get government handouts are who voted for Obama.  You know the people who are on social security, those in the military, the military retirees, government employees such as the Customs and Border Patrol, the FBI, the Secret Service; I can go on and on about whom the 47% are.  Regardless of who they believe is responsible it reflects a belief that the reelection of President Obama is the end of the United States.

It is easy to ascribe this view as being the ramblings of racists.  I don’t think so.  I think it does reflect that there are two Americas.  There is the one America where people are hard working, who obey the law, and who are being crushed by what they believe a arbitrary and capricious government.  The other America is that America who does not work, who pays no taxes, and who gets handouts that are not available to the hard working Americans.

What I do think all of this reflects is we are deeply divided nation; a nation who views are being shaped by the perceptions of the punditry class, the talking heads on the right and left.

To be continued. . .

3 thoughts on “Observations

  1. I voted for the President in 2008 and volunteered on his campaign. This year, I supported Mitt Romney, in large measure because PPACA adversely affects my clients. I much admire Pres. Obama as a man of intelligence and honor, as I do Gov. Romney. However, I also had a strong sense that Romney’s background would make him more able to address tax policy, streamlining the Federal Government and conducting successful negotiations with Congress to resolve these issues.

    My great concern is that the 2012 Election is much like the 2004 Election: an unpopular incumbent being re-elected by convincing about 1-2% of the voting public that the opponent was worse. George W. Bush thought that re-election was a madndate, not a warning, I think Pres. Obama is a more perceptive man, but i may be wrong, and this is the wrong time for that error.

    I think that Pres. Obama and his opponents in 2008 and 2012 were men of real integrity.

    However, while I consider Pres. Clinton to be a rather amoral man, if one who was very competent on polict issues, he also appeared to be one whose finely-tuned sense of his own self-interest was alligned strongly with the welfare of the Republic (except, rather glaringly, with teh Lewinsky scandal). I think the times may call for a rather more pragmatic man than Pres. Obama.

  2. No less than the “47%,” as a lawyer who does a lot of work in health care, I voted my financial interest by voting for Gov. Romney and the repeal or replacement of PPACA. There is nothing wrong with enlightened self-interest.

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