The death of Baroness Thatcher is the end of an era; an era where resolute personalities made a difference in the world.

Her partnership with Ronald Reagan allowed the United States, the United Kingdom, and NATO to challenge the Soviet empire; and to cause its collapse.

Their weapons were the rhetoric of freedom, their weapons were the power of economics, and their weapons were the arsenals of their military.  In their endeavor to bring an end to the Soviet empire they were joined spiritually by Pope John Paul II.  This son of Poland, the Bishop of Rome, answered once and for all the question of Joseph Stalin, “how many divisions does the Pope have?”  None, but the mere threat of returning to Poland to die with his countryman was enough to cause the Bear to blink.

I did not agree with the politics of Reagan and Thatcher, but one must concede they were effective.  Each was effective domestic leader, Thatcher was the more ideologically conservative hardliner in her economic policy—but that was result of the British Parliamentary System; whereas Reagan regularly had to compromise to achieve what he wanted—a result of the American Constitutional system.  Each altered the discussion during their tenure—making it possible for centrists’ democrats like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama to be elected President; and for Tony Blair to find a Third Way.

I never thought I would write this but our nation is better off for having Ronald Reagan as President[1]; and the world is better off because Reagan and Thatcher stuck to their message and brought an end to the Soviet Empire and discredited once and for all communists’ ideology.

[1]  I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Walter Mondale in 1984.  I thought then that Ronald Reagan was just an actor portraying a President, I now realize I was wrong, oh so very wrong.

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