old-north-churchI am sure many like I am are watching the scenes from Boston.  There is not a TV network that has not given second by second, minute-by-minute coverage coupled with discussion about the nature of the explosions.

At this point we know that there are at least two who were killed with as many as a hundred injured.

Whether it be Brian Williams, the vacuous Wolf Blitzer, or the idiot talking heads at Faux News, or the other news organizations, we having nothing but speculation.  Other than what has been established as fact thus far; which is very little, the commentators have been merely passing on the latest rumor, making not very good educated guesses, and generally speaking a lot and saying nothing.

This is part of the problem in our information age.  What passes as information is not information.  It does not inform, it does allow us to have knowledge; it is merely bits and bytes poured forth without analysis leaving us grasping for real information and allowing the networks to believe they are providing a service.

Unfortunately we are not going to turn back the hands of time.  This is the norm for now and the future.  As a nation and as a people we are little poorer; for what passes as news today is more often rumor and innuendo.

One thought on “Rumors Are Not News Nor Knowledge

  1. Too true and too sad. I typically have to go to al Jazeera or the BBC to find out what’s going on…neither are perfect but it’s better than what I get at home…I miss the MacNeil-Lehrer Report.

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