Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Recently the Holy See celebrated his first Mass in South America since becoming Pope.  As Anglicans why should we care, because we are, regardless of what we wish to think, a descendant of Saint Peter who first wore the shoes of the fisherman, and because the message he preached was that as Christians we should not wait for the faithful to come to us, but as Christ has taught us we should preach amongst the faithful.

The Church I grew up in R. E. Lee Memorial is a typical Episcopal Church in the United States, the type where it was remarked that it was the Byrd Machine at Prayer or today the Republican Party at Prayer.  It was proper, protestant, sufficient liberal as to be politically correct but not so liberal as to be a threat to establishment either fiscally, culturally, or politically.  It made those who belonged to the Country Club comfortable but also smug.

The message of the Holy See and I might add the new Archbishop of Canterbury, is that Christianity and the message of Jesus must be carried to those who Jesus championed; the poor, the homeless, the disposed, in short those who are least like us.  The ones who all of us have recoiled in horror in seeing in the lining the subway walls, or who live in the tenement halls away from our stares and horror.  They are, like we the child of God regardless of the God we believe in or not, regardless of who we claim as our savior, regardless of our station in life.

These are the men and women who Mother Theresa ministered to.  This is not a Gospel of Wealth or Liberation it is the Gospel of the teachings of Christ, it is the universal message of Christianity,  “thy shall love thy neighbor as thyself.”





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