Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

This past year our nation experience a profound decision from our Supreme Court, that same sex marriage was legal and constitutional.  This was a secular decision and it governs the secular world.

As a Christian I do not know whether same sex marriage is right or wrong in Gods eyes.  There is plenty of theological opinion on both sides of the question.  I will let the theologicans debate that issue.

Many who call themselves Christians have responed with hateful and defamatory words towards gays and those in a long –term committed same sex relationship.

I say so called Christians for they are not living the works that Christ has taught us; “not to judge least not ye too be judged” and to love thy neighbors as thyself.”

These are not complex admonishments, they are straightforward, and they are firmly based in the Judeo-Christian theology.  Jesus is telling us how to live in the community of man.

Why do we hate those who are different?  Why do we belittle gays who are in a loving, committed relationship, who are married in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of some religious denominations?  Why do we hate gay parents who are providing a good example of godly civic life well lived?

I do not know the answers but as Christians we must examine our beliefs and look into our hearts and ask if we are truly following the way that Jesus prepared for us to follow.


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